Biligom Roof Trusses

Pre-Manufactured Roof Trusses

Bilitruss supplies roof trusses in all shapes and sizes, according to you design requirements. Our trained and professional design team will design your roof trusses according to your plans. Our staff is more than capable to help you in the design process to give you peace of mind. Even though the maximum permissible transport sizes are trusses of approximately 13m in length, we are able to, through our design abilities and special connection details, manufacture and supply in longer spans and abnormally high apex sizes.

Bilitruss only make use of SATAS approved Biligom® structural grade timber.

Bilitruss is an ITC-SA accredited company. Some of the advantages of using an ITC-SA accredited company are:

  1. Bilitruss will not design or fabricate trusses that are outside its competency level;
  2. Knowledge that the entire production process is REGULARLY audited and inspected by an INDEPENDENT certification body;
  3. The designers are competent and have have adequate training to design your roof.

Bilitruss is also a licensed MITEK fabricator, giving us the advantage by making use of their ECO Product and 20/20 Design Software.

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